Take away lunch 11€

Collect a tasty lunch for yourself, your family or why not for your workplace too!

Take Away lunch includes an appetizer and roll, main course from the day’s menu, dessert and cutlery.

You can also order lunch by phone or from the restaurant.

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Take away lunch

Week 48, 28.11-2.12.2022| klo 10:45-13:30

Parsnip soup
Minced meat patty, mustard sauce, mashed potatoes
Sour cream salmon, boiled potatoes
Qourn coconut sauce, fried rice

Tomato soup
Pork ribs, lime creme fraiche, roasted potatoes
Grilled chicken, pesto pasta
Qourn coconut stew, fried rice

Carrot soup
Beef brisket black & white, rosemary potato wedges
Fried flounder, tartar sauce, lemon potatoes
Roasted sweet potato, feta cheese, tzaziki

Broccoli cream cheese soup
Wienerschnitzel , mashed potatoes
Pike and salmon patties, Lime-chervil mayonnaise, potato cake
Roasted sweet potato, feta cheese, tzaziki

Spinach soup
Pork noisettes, pepper sauce, roasted potatoes
Fried salmon, white wine sauce, boiled potatoes
Roasted sweet potato, feta cheese, tzaziki