Lunch 12,00€

Week 40, 2-6.10.2023| klo 10:45-13:30

Grilled chicken steak, basil mayonnaise, cream potatoes
Breaded flounder, remoulade sauce, dill potatoes
Lentil vegetable moussaka
Lingonberry trifle and caramel sauce

Pork noisettes, red wine sauce, leek and potato gratin and roasted root vegetables
Baltic herring steaks, browned butter, mashed potatoes
Lentil vegetable moussaka
Åland pancake, whipped cream

Leaf steak, thyme sauce, roasted potatoes
Garlic-chili marinated chicken fillet, roasted sweet pepper sauce, basmati rice
Spinach-mifu pasta and arugula
Chocolate mousse and cranberries

Beefstew, vegetable rice, pickled root vegetables
Fried red perch, shrimp mayonnaise, dill potatoes
Spinach-mifu pasta and arugula
Lime ginger mousse

Wallenberg patty, browned butter, mashed potatoes
Oven-roasted salmon, herb-lemon sauce, fried potato
Spinach-mifu pasta and arugula
Fruit salad, coconut cream